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EACMFS - European Lecture Series 2021 - Management of Sarcoma

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European Lecture Series 2021: Management of Sarcoma, dr. N. Kalavrezos, UK

Datum: 4 maart 2021

Meeting room open: 19.45 uur; lecture: 20.00 - 21.00 uur

Nicholas Kalavrezos is a Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgeon in the Head and Neck Centre at UCLH with a background in Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgery. He is also the Lead Head and Neck Sarcoma Surgeon for the London Sarcoma Service. His clinical practice includes ablative and reconstructive surgery for the head and neck with a special interest in bone sarcomas and functional outcomes following reconstructive surgery. His clinical practice also includes surgical treatment of salivary gland tumours as well as thyroid surgery. His areas of interest include facial reconstruction and tissue engineering surgical treatment of cranio-facial sarcomas.

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